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Into The Flora prides itself on the enjoyable, yet natural twist we have integrated within our clothing items and our household accessories. Our t-shirts, mugs, and wall art all feature the houseplants that plant lovers can easily recognize and appreciate, allowing our products to increase your connectivity and awareness of the natural world that surrounds you.  

Into The Flora was founded on the love people share for the natural environments that they reside in. Plants are known to enhance our environments and bring out the best within our kindred spirits, exposing that the incorporation of plants and nature truly makes us burst with happiness. Through the apparel and household accessories that we share with our loyal customers, we have provided a way for ourselves and our clients to express themselves in a natural and stylish way. 

The team members and stylists at Into The Flora make it their daily mission to create top-notch designs that not only inspire houseplant lovers everywhere, but inspire them to cherish and nourish the environment in which they live in. At Into The Flora, we work hard to provide our customers with clothing items and household accessories that sincerely resemble and signify a love for the outdoors and flora. Through Into The Flora, you will be able to experience a shopping experience unlike any other! 

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